by: Ryan Hannable on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 11:29am

Gisele Bundchen will likely have a major say when Tom Brady retires. (Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)When Tom Brady actually retires is anyone’s guess.

It could be two seasons from now when he’s 42. It could be five seasons from now when he’s 45. Heck, it could even be 10 years from now when he’s 50.

No one knows the real answer, but the person who may have the best answer to this isn’t involved in football at all. It’s Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen.

“[Gisele] makes decisions for our family that I've got to deal with,” Brady told ESPN’s Ian O’Connor in an interview published earlier this week. “Hopefully she never says, 'Look, this has to be it.' ... My wife and my kids, it's a big investment of their time and energy, too."

Brady has maintained he wants to play into his mid-40s and according to Brady, Gisele is on board.

"She wants me to do that, too," Brady said. "She also wants me to take good care of myself and still have my energy. My kids have grown up faster than I thought."

Two days after this interview published, Gisele was on CBS This Morning and she was asked if she supports Brady playing into his mid-40s. Her answer didn’t imply that she doesn’t, but it revealed she believes there is much more to life than just football.

“You know, as a wife, I am a little bit — as you know it’s an aggressive sport,” she said. “Football, like he had a concussion last year. He has concussions pretty much — I mean we don’t talk about it, but he does have concussions. I don’t really think it is a healthy thing for your body to go through, through that kind of aggression all the time. That can’t be healthy. I am planning on him be healthy and do lots of things when we’re 100 I hope.”

Beyond revealing Brady has had concussions, including one last year, the bigger line as it relates to Brady’s future is: I am planning on him be healthy and do lots of things when we’re 100 I hope.

Playing football is hard enough when it comes to taking abuse to the body, but even more so when a player is 40 years old. We’ve seen more and more each year Brady having to deal with multiple minor injuries. While he never misses games, he’s been missing more and more practices over the years because of little things here and there.

His work with personal training guru Alex Guerrero clearly has worked and helped him play so well as he approaches 40 years old, but will it keep him injury and pain free when he’s 45? It’s hard to say.

Given how much Gisele has accomplished in her own right, it’s not like the Brady family needs him playing football. His kids are getting older and older and more often than not when players do call it quits, their families influence the decision more than anything else. (Just look at David Ortiz, who said his family had a major impact on him deciding to call it a career after last year even when he was still playing at a high level.)

Brady’s son Jack (which he had with Bridget Moynahan) will be 10 in August, Ben will turn eight in December and Vivian five in December. His kids are getting to the age where they want their dad around more and more, and with how devoted Brady is to football during the season, no matter what he does he isn’t around as much as he likely would like to be. 

Brady does seem to block out time for his family even during the season by bringing them to school some days, going to Ben’s hockey games, dressing up on Halloween and going trick-or-treating, but playing 16 games a year plus the postseason certainly limits his family time.

Both Gisele and Brady value family very much, and Brady seems to value Gisele’s opinions on things. Let’s just say over the next few years Brady continues to suffer minor injuries and his body slowly starts to show the effects of playing close to 20 years in the NFL. A scenario is very plausible where Gisele sits Brady down and tells him she would like him to retire — No. 1 to preserve his body so the rest of his life isn’t impacted, but No. 2 so he can be around his kids and family as they grow into teenagers.

As hard as it would be for Brady to admit, there is more to life than football.

Brady himself said Gisele makes the decisions for the family, so if it reaches the point of her not wanting him to play anymore, he’s going to listen. This isn’t saying Gisele is controlling in any way, it’s just she has a better perspective on the bigger picture than Brady does who is so focused on football.

So while everyone is debating when exactly Brady will actually retire, maybe all we have to do is just ask Gisele.