Yankees poke fun at Red Sox on Twitter

by: WEEI on Fri, 06/09/2017 - 12:53pm

After defeating the Red Sox 9-1 Thursday night and taking the series, the first-place Yankees took to Twitter to roast their rivals.

They tweeted, “Win. Dominate. Repeat.” in attempt to poke fun at the Sox’ “Win. Dance. Repeat.” phrase.

Boston started using the slogan about a year ago after outfielders began dancing following Sox victories, and it caught fire on social media. Red Sox outfielders say the idea for the ritual came from last season’s spring training, and they have been surprised by the positive response.

“I don’t think we thought it would be as big as it was,” Brock Holt told ESPN in March. “It’s just something that we thought would be good to do just to have a little bit more fun out there together, kind of like a bonding thing. But it took off. People enjoyed it, and we ended up enjoying ourselves as well.”

The Yankees weren’t the only ones paying attention to the celebration, as game designers for MLB the Show incorporated it into their 2017 version.

While some have argued that the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry isn’t what it once due the influx of young players on both rosters, this season may prove to be its rebirth. The two teams sit atop the AL East, and while the Yankees have outscored the Sox 27-7 this year, fans could be in for a long summer of battles between the storied rivals.